Best Jungle Scout Alternatives & Competitors

There are two separate things called JungleScout. We have got a big battle on our hands today, it' s jungle scout vs helium 10. The series features 11 different cars racing against each other in various road rallies throughout America, with each driver hoping to win the title of the " World' s Wackiest Racer".
With the Web App you can put in pre-defined filters and it will search Amazon for those matching products so it does more of the hard work for you. I junglescout alternative didn't want to pick on any of the individual tools, but you would almost be better rolling dice than trying to estimate sales with Unicorn Smasher.

Designed to provide leaders the ability to manage their customer data with filtering options and export features as well as set in-app alerts or emails with information about changes that affect their brand, discovering ways to improve customer engagement has never been easier.
For every product, we give attention to search queries that people are using to find the item, historical trends like orders, revenues, and demand, overall demand and competition for the product, quality of its listing, keywords, weight and dimensions for FBA feasibility, and many more factors.
3) Viral Launch - Best for analysis of Amazon search results page (similar to Jungle Scout Chrome Extension but with much more useful and more accurate data), and keyword research (similar to Merchant Words but with much better suggested relevant keywords and much more accurate and usable exact search volume).

With the recent introduction of the new features and major changes such as including Jump Send into the same subscription under the new Launch” feature, Jungle Scout has continued to stay ahead of the competition and remain an essential tool for Amazon sellers.
It is honestly helpful to have both if you are serious about finding and properly evaluating Amazon products, however, if you have the Standard or Business subscription of the web app then you may be able to forego the Chrome Extension as those plans include additional features, which we'll cover below.

If you are looking to get niche ideas and find potential Amazon products then you will need the web app Then once you have a list of product ideas or keywords to search for, a tool like the Chrome Extension will help you evaluate them in more detail.
And yes, it's capable of accurate product research and sales estimation. It was pretty interesting to look through the raw data and see that the majority of the time, the tools underestimate sales instead of overestimating. Also available as a chrome extension, Jungle Scout provides you with real data on products currently for sale on Amazon.
You can take help of Google(it is a chrome extension so duh!) to search for them and search for bestseller amazon products”, this search will lead you to an Amazon page with a list of products which are updated on regular basis. SellerApp turns any user into a product research ninja with intuitive features, instant insights and smarter shortcuts.

It works in a fashion similar to the JS Chrome Extension, but it also gives you access to a dashboard from where you can manage your searches. Apart from that, you'll also face a threat from your own customers in form of negative reviews that some of them might drop on your products.

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