Nasal Dilator

As most of you may already know, Sleep Apnea (or OSA) is a very serious disorder that can be very harmful, even fatal if left untreated. The same ANCOVA model from the primary analysis was also used to compare changes in the degree of perception of nasal breathing and nasal congestion on the daily diary ratings on days 1, 3, 7, and 14. For the two VAS ratings and the 4-point categorical rating of nasal stuffiness, ratings after the strip was applied were compared with ratings before strip application at bedtime, and ratings while wearing the strip were compared with ratings after strip removal upon awakening.
Metabolic gas analysis was not performed in this study because the more practical comparison we were seeking (LT) did not require this measurement and because we lacked the specific mask that would allow for oronasal breathing during the oxygen consumption test.

A method for delivering a nasal spray into a patient's nose includes the steps of providing the nasal spray delivery guide, inserting the guide elements at least partially into respective nostrils of the patient, inserting at least a portion of a nasal spray delivery device into one of the guide elements, and activating the nasal spray delivery device to deliver a nasal spray to a lateral wall of the respective nasal cavity.
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Keep a sleep diary - For a few nights, you or a sleep partner can record if you are snoring and how loud your snoring is, how well you are sleeping, whether you are having trouble breathing (choking or gasping), and whether you feel refreshed in the morning.
23. A nasal dilator as defined in claim 6: and said UV-spring comprising substantially flat spring material, and said UV-spring and said flexible nasal strip including centering means for enabling the wearer to readily align the center of said nasal strip with the center of said UV-spring when installing each new nasal strip.
In the subset of subjects at risk for sleep apnea, both active strips produced significantly (P < 0.05) greater improvements from baseline versus placebo on all three composite PIRS variables on day 7. At day 14, both active strips showed improvements in quality of life versus the placebo strip in the subgroup at risk for sleep apnea, and the butterfly prototype was also significantly better than placebo with regard to daytime distress (see Additional file 1 : Table S1).

More specifically, my invention is intended to cover any kind of nasal dilator with a UV-member such as a spring having two leg-portions to be inserted in the nostrils without contacting the septum and retained by any kind of flexible member connected to the spring at its center which includes adhesive means to hold the dilator in place, all to cause the nostrils to open more for reducing snoring.
The dilator illustrated herein comprises a thin U or V-shaped member, preferably a spring (hereinafter referred to as UV-spring); the preferred forms of the invention include thin pads at each spring-end for soft contact on the nasal surfaces when the two spring-ends are inserted, each in one of the two nostrils to expand the nasal opening.

Abstract: Methods and apparatus for treating disorders of the ear, nose, throat or paranasal sinuses, including methods and apparatus for dilating ostia, passageways and other anatomical structures, endoscopic methods and apparatus for endoscopic visualization of structures within the ear, nose, throat or paranasal sinuses, navigation devices for use in conjunction with image guidance or navigation system and hand held devices having pistol type grips and other handpieces.
For snorers who breathe through the mouth even though the nasal passage is open and cannot correct this condition, then as a last resort, a direct solution for mouth-breathing is better than nothing—at least the noise and energy-loss are often eliminated.

In this randomized, double-blind study, subjects with chronic nasal congestion and sleep difficulties were assigned a BRNS clear strip, an asymmetric butterfly prototype, or an asymmetric butterfly placebo strip without springs, to use nightly for 2 weeks.

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